There are a number of students enrolled at Sidney Public Schools with severe food allergies to peanuts and/or tree nuts (walnuts, cashews, etc.); therefore Sidney Public School District is a 'Peanut/Nut Aware Environment'. For our student's safety, we discourage peanut/nut products.  We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, support and ask for your help to provide these students with a safe learning environment.  If you have any questions, please contact your school's principal or nurse.

Welcome to the Sidney High School Red Raider Athletic site. The Coaches names are linked to their Email addresses. If you click on the sport title you will be taken to that particular sport's website. Thank you for visiting the Red Raider Athletics site.

" Athletics takes on a broader aspect than merely winning games or boosting the team.  It has a much deeper and more significant importance to the spirit and life of a school.  Qualities of sportsmanship - determination, loyalty and initiative evolve from athletics that build strong character and sound convictions.  Individuals possessing these qualities become stars not only among their friends, but also stars in society, in America, and in the world.  They are the stars to which posterity can look for guidance. "

1968 Sidney High School Trail