"The Last Will and Testament of the Class of '20"
As taken from The Trail 1920

We, the SENIORS of '20, being of sound mind (we hope) and in possession of our senses (about 30c all together) not being certain as to when we might shuffle off, do hereby, this 28th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1920, make, sign and seal this our last will and testament.

To the faculty we leave all our knowledge we have gained in these four long years, to impart to other souls on such a journey as ours, especially the Juniors, 'cause they need it, God bless 'em.

To the Sophies we are going to leave our old notebooks, especially those Physics experiments, and this warning: "Old notebooks make the most noise." We also leave them the right to have all the lockers they can pay for, and all the water they can drink.

We leave to the Freshies the right to get all they can without working for it - and a portion of our good looks and stately airs, 'cause you'll need them and you might as well have 'em early. 

A few of our class having an over-supply of good qualities and being very generous, have decided to leave the following:

Kinley McIntosh wishes to leave that great gift of oratory of his to Albert Green.  "Oh, Min."

Marie Schricker leaves her power to be thing, and stay thin, without being too thin, to Jean Swatzlander. 

Kenneth Jones wishes to leave his most dignified air to Allen Chambers - he needs it.

Pat Ells says he won't leave nothin' to nobody - it's taken him too long to get what he's got (especially that art in the way he says "Grace") and he needs it all.

Grace Shean just had to will her gum and giggle to someon , so she chose Thelma Davis, who will surely keep it up for her, because they will all miss Gracie so if she doesn't.

Earl Kerschner leaves that unstudied, indifferent way of his, and his gorgeous wave (he doesn't get it from Stacia. either) to Ellis Baker, who, without a doubt, will make good use of it all. 

Cliff leaves his wild Irish smile to Mr. Patrick Patrowsky, also his perfectly adorable ways.  Pat'll use 'em.

Hugo Nickup leaves his art to vamp the girls, old and young, also his dimples to George Iverson; and please, George, don't say "Mam?" when you start out on this new career. 

We appoint as our administrators of this weill Miss Cultra and Mr. Roettger, because we are sure that two such energetic talkers will be untiring in their efforts to carry out the said instructions of this testament.

Signed this day of grace, April 28th. 

The Class of Twenty.