Board of Education

L.T. Poole


J.W. Goodale


N.W. Ladegard


E.K. Wright

O.A. Olson

H.L. Slawson


E.L. Uptegrove

M.W. Dimery

Immediate past board members and presidents

Leslie Neubauer - Treasurer

G.F. Liebendorfer - Superintendent


The purpose of this program is to serve as a record of the dedication for the new Sidney High School and North Ward Buildings, as a general report on other school buildings, and also as a financial report on the expended of the one hundred ninety two thousand dollar bond issue voted December 3, 1929. 

The needs of the Sidney System had been studied carefully, individually and collectively by the Sidney Board of Education.  To aid in this study, a careful survey of Sidney schools was made by Deputy Superintendent Anderson of Denver and a forward looking program was adopted which has eliminated the overcrowded condition of the old high school, which has given to the North Side a fine modern school and which has now also provided some necessary repairs and renovation in the Central Building. 

Once the needs were made clear the Sidney public gave splendid support to the proposed bond issue with the result that the election carried with a better than 5 to 1 majority. 

During the past two years the members of the Board of Education has given more generously of time and energy that the people of this community will ever fully appreciate to see that this money be wisely expended and that none be wasted. 

All of this effort was given freely and gladly to the end that our children be more accommodated in safer, more sanitary and more adequate school buildings and that the Sidney system might remain among the best in the state.   

The new Senior High School, following a survey made by educational experts, was placed in the Trognitz addition on a site compromising four blocks of ground.  Here, at reasonable cost, there is ample room for a first class outdoor physical education program, and a location, indicated by a survey of recent building permits, directly in line with Sidney's future growth. 

The building, completed in the summer of 1931, is of fireproof construction, brick walls, floors of reinforced concrete, with terrazzo in corridors, stairs, washrooms and dressing rooms.  The corridor wainscoting is of glazed brick with rounded corners.  These details together with recessed lockers, trophy cases and radiators lend much to its attractiveness.  

The classrooms, laboratories and special rooms are of the latest design and up to date in equipment.  The auditorium will seat more than 800 people and is equipped with a projection room and a large stage gym gymnasium. 

Special built in features are found in every room and also a minor clock connected with a master clock in the main office.  The heating, lighting, ventilating and plumbing is the last word in modern school building.  All is all it is a building to which the people of Sidney may point with pride.

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Courses of Study
Home Economics
Vocational Agriculture
Normal Training


O.J. Weymouth - Principal Junior & Senior High School, History

Hazel Gillette - Assistant Principal Junior & Senior High, Dean of Girls, Mathematics

Leo Black

Coach and Science

Bessie Shires

Normal Training

Raymond Davis


Gladys Wolf

Foreign Language

Eleanor Walsh


Freda Bebee

Home Economics

Walter Kinne


Julius Cochran

Music Supervisor

Verna Robinson

Study Hall Librarian

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J.W. Nielsen
Instructor of Vo-Ag

Smith Hughes Vocational Agriculture in Sidney began five years ago with J.W. Nielsen in charge.  Under his direction, and with the facilities afforded by the erection of the fine new brick building in 1927, a strong agricultural program has been set up.  Rural night school work has also been added to this program and every effort is being made to have the Vo-Ag course make a definite contribution to the rural life of this county.