Old Junior High Building @ 1915-1916


James C. Rosse ----- Assistant Principal, Geography and Manual Training
Gertrude Brickner ----- Art & English
Lucy Taft ----- History, Hygiene & Penmanship
Vera Callam ----- Arithmetic & Spelling

The Junior High program is rather new but the reaction of the pupils is to a broadened curriculum, and more opportunity for elective work, is most gratifying.  Fundamentals are still stressed but once mastered, individual pupils are given opportunity for more elective work such as Glee Clun, Orchestra, Art, Manual Training, Sewing, and Athletics.  This building of native stone, was erected in 1915-1916 and is in a good state of repair.  In addition to regular and special classrooms it has a small auditorium, gymnasium, shower rooms and a steam heated swimming pool.