School Counselors can help in many different situations: 

  • "My parents are getting a divorce.  I don't know what's going to happen."

  • "I'm new here and I am having trouble making friends."

  • "I have a lot of difficulty dealing with my stepchild."

  • "Fred scores high on standardized tests but hardly makes passing grades in school."

  • "Karen always tells me she doesn't have homework, but I found out she isn't doing it."

  • "I need some ideas for helping students get along with each other."

  • "Bill hasn't been himself lately.  He seems to be preoccupied with something." 

  • "I have a bad temper and need to learn how to control it."

  • "Mary has been absent from school an awful lot this year."

  • My dad gets so angry when he's been drinking." 


The Crisis Team works

toward the goal of

ensuring that school

may proceed with

normalcy for all those

not affected by a

crisis or emergency



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There are times in all our lives where we just need a little extra help.  Please take a look at these additional resources linked to the left and don't be afraid to reach out to them if you need help.  Your school counselors are always available as well.  Some additional tips to help your children at school are: 

  • Check your child's grades online.  You may access your child's grades via PowerSchool.  If you need an account, please visit our school website and sign up to create an account. 

  • Use a student planner for your child(ren) - planners are great tools to help keep students organized and help parents know of work to be done at home. 

  • Communicate with your child's teacher.  Our staff is always willing to visit with you about your child(ren).  You know your child the best and we welcome you as a partner in the education process.

  • Keep us informed how we can best assist you.