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Much of our success in Sidney is due to a “collective efficacy” throughout our district and community.  This simply means that we believe in each other and if we all work together great things will happen for our young people. It will in turn brighten the future for the entire Sidney community. 

Through the development of the Sidney Public Schools strategic plan, we have identified Learning, Culture, and Future to be the areas of focus we value most.

Raider Culture: The Raider Way is our positive and caring culture that guides our actions.


At Sidney Public Schools we want to provide multiple opportunities for our parents to not only participate in but to also partner in their child’s education.  

Three decades of research have shown that parental participation improves student’s learning.  This is true whether the child is in preschool or the upper grades, whether the family is rich or poor or whether the parents finished high school. 


Strong Family and Community Engagement is one component of the Raider Culture!

In this partnership, we want to hear from and gain perspective from our parents. One way we gain insights from parents is through a parent survey at each building.  The information we gain from the  parent survey helps guide our improvements and to reinforce initiatives we have in place to support student learning and the learning culture.

From these surveys we take a look at the data and put in action steps to meet the needs of our families.

Using Survey Data to Take Action!  Visit our schools below to see how we are using this data to improve our schools. 

Welcome to Sidney Public School District
Mission Statement: Developing Confident and Powerful Learners.

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