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Raider Culture:  The Raider Way is our positive and caring culture that guides our actions.

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At Sidney Public Schools, we recognize the power of a positive relationship.  Positivity is a desired trait and highly contagious.  It helps to strengthen relationships in all aspects of life.  Strong relationships are built on trust, respect, and getting to know one another.  Positive attitudes lead to more opportunities for encouragement, companionship, open communication, and mindfulness.  

Positive relationships include students, staff, parents, family, and our community.  Family engagement is constantly and consistently encouraged at SPS. Here at SPS we pride ourselves on our ability to move forward from our successes and failures, and not only learn from them, but pave a ‘pathway’ in the right direction for those to follow. Building strong and lasting relationships from early childhood to adulthood, creates a fostering environment built for student success. 

One size does not fit all!  At Sidney Public Schools we utilize a Layered Continuum of Opportunities and Support for our students to grow academically, physically, socially, and behaviorally.  Our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) facilitates a culture where we meet our learners where they are and guides our positive school culture.  It assists us in making data based decisions that increase the likelihood of increased student achievement and growth, reduced disciplinary situations, and improved teacher outcomes. 

At SPS, a positive culture encompasses what is best for kids and our employees.  Positive school buildings and classrooms that encourage creativity and teamwork will serve students everyday. Continuous learning is at the heart of Sidney Public Schools for students and staff where we support collaborative professional learning and value based leadership. Building capacity in staff through shared learning, leadership, and teamwork keeps our focus on skills and a confident mindset to teach all kids.

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At Sidney Public Schools, educating the whole child includes providing opportunities to our students where they can broaden their understandings and experience new things.  We believe in providing positive experiences that include real world opportunities, technological opportunities, and enrichment opportunities in and out of the classroom.  These meaningful opportunities are designed to support each student in reaching personalized goals to prepare them for a world beyond school all while discovering their own passions. 

Sidney Public Schools - Looking Forward.

The mission of Sidney Public Schools is to Develop Confident and Powerful Learners. 

We, here at Sidney Public Schools, believe that every student deserves a balanced student-focused education of the highest quality. We believe that education is a partnership among the school, family, and community. We believe that the educational process promotes responsibility and mutual respect. We believe that education must enrich and enhance students' lives. 

Our students gain knowledge in the building blocks of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We instill the importance of art, music, communication, and teamwork. We emphasize the value of the individual; the importance of contribution to our community and our nation. We recognize the power of "US'. 

Our programs offer a broad and diverse set of opportunities. Today, as never before, our curriculum is adding new building blocks of problem-solving and universal connection. Here at Sidney Public Schools we look forward, not back. 

Want to learn more about the future and learning strategies?

Welcome to Sidney Public School District
Mission Statement: Developing Confident and Powerful Learners.

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