Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Academics, Behavior, and Social and Emotional Learning

Academic Core Programs: At Sidney Public Schools, we align our local curriculum to the Nebraska State College and Career Ready standards.  All students at Sidney Public Schools receive daily instruction with programs that have been agreed upon and align with our local curriculum.  

These programs in our local curriculum formulate the CORE Academic Programs for all students.  Academic screening tools are used with all students to determine the need for additional support from Tier II and III supplemental and intervention programs.


See the Thinking and Learning tab on website to access all Curriculum Learning Guides and Year at a Glance documents for more specific information on our CORE Academic Programs. 


Behavioral Core Program: All of our schools use the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBiS) as the CORE  program for Behavioral support for all students.  PBiS is an evidence‐based process proven to increase student achievement and success while decreasing challenging student behaviors.  Each building has developed a school culture based on high expectations for positive behavior that results in academic growth and success.  The expectations for positive behavior are well articulated and directly taught with input from our students at each building.  Nebraska Positive Behavior and Supports. NPBIS brochure


Social Emotional and Behavioral Core: All of our schools plan for and uses specific Social Emotional Learning curriculum and programs for all students. Specific time is allocated for these learning opportunities and in addition, the SEL curriculum is differentiated at each building to enhance the specific developmental milestones our students are experiencing at each level. Sidney Public Schools Guidance Year at a Glance.

Each building has implemented a specific yet similar MTSS plan. (See the plans below) At Sidney Public Schools, we value the input and collaboration with our parents and community as active members of our decision making and problem solving teams. If you want to know more about MTSS at your child’s building, please contact the principal and or school counselor.